Heading out of town to Ithaca for a much needed break (no vacations all summer, what!??) to recharge. Coming in September we will be mixing and mastering of all of the recordings which are all on “tape” now. Alan Camlet will be mixing as the month goes on then we will send the recordings off to his colleague in Nashville who will master and cross-fade all of the tracks (all 12) into the final product.

Last week on August 23rd, Mark Rinzel, Oscar Bautista, Alan Camlet and I performed the entire record live in front of a great crowd in Manhatttan’s Lower East Side. We were joined by two other guest musicians that appear on the record (Violinist Mazz Swift, Lap Steel and guitarist Pete Thompson) for an amazing show. The club was called The Living Room and a concert poster was made. This will be one of the rewards for many of you. It’s a custom silkscreen poster designed by yours truly!

A short note on Irene… As you know one of the biggest floods in the immediate NYC/NJ area was in Hoboken, NJ — home of Hoboken Recorders where the album was recorded and being mixed. The good news is that the studio did not sustain any water damage. The pain-in-the-butt news is that Alan and Pete spent the day before the storm dismantling the studio and lifting all of the equipment up to higher ground. A wise precaution for sure. But effectively the studio has been dark for over a week while it is reconfigured by Alan and Pete and so all projects at the studio are now backlogged. So there is some delay on the mixing process.

We are now looking at an October completion date. I have the album art ready to go. We’ll get there and you will all be handsomely rewarded for your participation in this crazy project!

thanks again and more soon.

Love and light, Mike

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