At the end of June I went to Hoboken Recorders to work on the new CD. I had originally set out to do 4-5 songs. As we layed down the basic tracks for 8, I think we decided to try and finish all of them and complete a mini-LP. The process could not have been more enjoyable. Hoboken Recorders is part-owned and maintained by Alan Swift-Camlet who has graciously doubled his services as an expert drummer as well as engineer. My brother Mark of The Jupiter Deluxe is producing and I am really only a co-pilot which allows me to focus for the first time simply on singing and what I want to convey with the songs.

I’m hoping for a late-fall CD release. Following Prince’s odd “the Internet is dead” opinion, I am debating releasing these songs as downloadable files on the Internet. Part of me would rather sell them at shows or have people order the physical CD. But we’ll see how that goes.

The recordings are really coming out beyond my expectations and it’s very strange listening to something new after not recording for over 10 years. It’s like looking in the mirror again after being on a desert island or something. Looks different but it’s still me underneath.

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