Here’s the the thing. It’s been years since starting a new band. And frankly, I think this is the first time I’ve done it nearly all on my own. It’s been hard won getting back into writing and playing again. Life has past us all by so quickly. The world, New York City and all of our individual circumstances have changed so much in the past ten years I wondered if I even had anything worthwhile to share musically.

One thing I’ve realized after living and working with so many creative people, is that just because I have the urge to write and perform, doesn’t mean an audience will materialize. It takes effort. Lots. It’s one of the benefits and the challenges of living within a creative era. There is so much to enjoy but also so many people trying to be heard and seen.

So in 2010 I embark on a project of writing and recording some new songs about my experiences which reflect who I am now and what I’ve been through thus far; songs born in a world where our desire to connect with others meets creeping isolation and intrusive technology promising to help us, where one often must rely on a spiritual force to face life’s pressures, where raising children can shake our confidence but open up a world of emotion and experience never imagined, and where the past comes seeking absolution in our minds and in our lives.

Ten Years Later

In preparation for this, I worked in early 2010 with my brother Mark, Joey Fortuna and Adam Chasan, my band mates from Poolsville, to put the last chapter of my musical life to bed in a warm and fun way. Bands break-up all the time. But when that band includes your dearest old friends and close brother, it deserves a graceful conclusion. To my surprise, after ten years I knew all the licks and changes with little rehearsal. With the generous support of Owen Comansky from back in the Arlene Grocery days booking us once more, we reunited to amend the ending of that band in March. It was great fun and you can watch the the whole 2010 Poolsville reunion show at Arlene’s Grocery to see.

So anyway, I’m back with a couple dozen songs and a list that keeps growing. My songwriting rule of thumb is that for every four songs, there are three that I abort and one good one worthy of people’s time (namely mine). So I hope when I begin performing these, you’ll come out to see them. Look for upcoming show listings here or on Miguel and the Ocean Swell’s Facebook page.

Cheers, Mike

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